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Software Director

Software Director provides useful features for users, application developers, and support sites:

All three application scenarios share the same authoring tools and server-side data.

Software Director aims for the highest standards of security and privacy, using Authenticode integrity checks, TLS connections, and putting the user fully in control of manual and scheduled updates.

Development Status

Software Director, originally named Software Manager, has been in use by Cloanto and its partners since 2001. It has been tested on hundreds of thousands of systems, ranging from Windows 95 to Windows 11.

The version distributed by Cloanto supports:

This website will be updated as soon as Software Director is released in a commercial version that can be redistributed by third parties.

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The image below reflects the current version. Click to download the Software Director standalone installer.

Software Director - Click to download

Software Director is a trademark of Cloanto Corporation, and Cloanto is a registered trademark of Cloanto Corporation.